Data Sources in a Card

In the Brief section of a card, you will see a section called “Data Sources”.  Data Sources are external technologies and software that you use on your Project.  Your Project will be pre-filled with some sample Data Sources, but you can add / delete / amend this list at any time.

Within a Card, you can simply select up to 3 Data Sources from the dropdowns, in order to share this information with collaborators on this Card.

TestBoard Data Sources

Updating Data Sources in Settings

If you wish to amend your Data Sources list, you can do so by going to SETTINGS in the main menu.  Under Data Sources, click on “Edit List”.  You will see at the top a block of logo’s, showing some of the most commonly used Data Sources.  To add one of these, simply click on the logo, and then click on the “Add” arrow underneath.  This will add the name of the Data Source to your list.  You can then edit any of the Data Sources in your list, to enter additional details, definitions or comments.  These will not show up in your card, but you and your colleagues can view these in settings at any time, should you need to share login details etc.

You can download your full list of Data Sources in csv format, by clicking on “Download Data”.

If you go back to your Card, you will see that the drop down lists have updated with your new Data Sources.