Once you have created your Card, you are ready to collaborate with co-workers.  On the second tab of the Card, you can assign an Analyst to investigate your question.  In the Analyst Considerations section, brief them as fully as possible, and then you can choose your Analyst from the drop down list.  This will contain everyone currently collaborating on this Project.   Select their name from the list, and click on “Assign”.  They will receive an email informing them of this assignment.  If you wish to give them a deadline, please choose a date in the “Estimate Finish Date” field.

Assigning a colleague who doesn’t appear in the drop down list.

If the person you wish to assign is not in the list, you can invite them to your Project.  If you click the question mark icon next to “Analyst”, you will see a link to “invite users”.  You can either click directly on this, or you can go to “users” in the main menu, and then click on the “Add Users” button in the top right hand corner.  Whichever way round you do it, you will be prompted to add your colleague’s name and email address.  They will be sent an invitation to TestBoard, which they must accept before they can log in, however their name will immediately appear in the drop down list, allowing you to assign them to your Card (you may need to refresh your page first in order to be able to select them – make sure you save any changes first).