You can enter as much or as little information in a Card as you would like, but obviously, the way to get the most out of TestBoard, and your collaboration, is to fill in as much detail as possible.

Each card is split into 5 sections: BRIEF, SCOPE, ANALYSIS, TEST PROPOSED and TEST RESULT.

Testboard brief


QUESTION: The question you pose here sets the whole topic of the Card, so make sure you word it wisely, and keep it succinct.

BRIEF: Here is where you go into detail about the question / hypothesis you have posed.  Making sure you fully explain all the deeper aspects of the motives behind the question, the considerations you would suggest and anything else that you think is relevant.

DATA SOURCES: These are technologies you are using to help you answer your question.  You can choose from a pre-defined list, or add new ones in Settings.

Choose your DESIRED OUTCOME and the KPI you hope will improve.  There are only 3 choices in desired outcome, and if you choose “Business Insight” you will only need to follow the card through to the Analysis Stage.  In KPI you can choose from a pre-defined list or add new ones in Settings.

PRIORITY: Please choose a priority from 1-5.  This will help you visualise priorities accurately in your Dashboard Analytics.

Testboard scope


ANALYST CONSIDERATIONS: This is where the question poser can brief an Analyst to investigate the question / hypothesis.  Go into as much detail as possible so that they can dive right in without having to revert with questions.

ANALYST: Choose a colleague from the dropdown list and ask them to investigate this question by clicking ASSIGN.

ESTIMATE FINISH DATE: You can give them a deadline for completing the investigation in here.

Testboard analysis


ANALYST NOTES: The Analyst can respond to the question and the brief they were given

MODELS: Paste your Github URL’s in here to show your workings

INSIGHT: The Analyst explains their findings in this section, going into as much detail as possible with evidence and reasoning.

VISUALISATION: The Analyst can attach a file to help explain their findings

REVIEW: The Analyst can now ask for someone (either the original question poser, or another colleague) to review their work

RATING: The Reviewer can give a star rating to the Analysts insight and offer some feedback and comments.

Testboard test proposed


TEST PROPOSED: The Reviewer can propose a test to prove or disprove the Analyst’s hypothesis

PREDICTION: a predicted £Value can be added to the desired outcome given in the Brief section

TESTER: Another colleague can be asked for feedback on the work done so far

RATING: They can rate and comment on the work thus far

Testboard test result


TEST STARTED: Following the Test Proposal in Stage 4, choose a start date for commencement of the test.  You can choose a completion date once it has been completed.

RESULT HEADLINE: This is the actual delivered value of the prediction made in Stage 4.

RESULT DESCRIPTION: Describe how this result has been achieved

RETEST: You might be happy with your results, in which case leave this blank.  However if you wish to run the test again, check this box.

FURTHER RECOMMENDED TEST: Outline here what the next test will entail

FURTHER TEST OUTCOME: Record your final outcome in here.

Hopefully you have gathered some valuable insight throughout the stages of this card and your collaboration with colleagues.  If you wish to archive it now, for use later, click on “HISTORY” and change the Card status from LIVE to ARCHIVED.