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How to edit or delete users

Only Administrators can edit or delete users.  You can identify administrators of your account, by looking for this symbol in the Users page   If you are an administrator, you can edit your list of users by clicking on the link "ADMINISTRATOR: edit /...

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How to see collaborators on your project

If you wish to see the list of collaborators on your Project, click on Users in the main menu.  There, you will see the full list of people who have been invited to collaborate on this Project, along with their email address, account status, date they...

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How to assign an Analyst

Once you have created your Card, you are ready to collaborate with co-workers.  On the second tab of the Card, you can assign an Analyst to investigate your question.  In the Analyst Considerations section, brief them as fully as possible, and...

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Data Sources

Data Sources in a Card In the Brief section of a card, you will see a section called "Data Sources".  Data Sources are external technologies and software that you use on your Project.  Your Project will be pre-filled with some sample Data Sources, but you...

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The Card: All sections explained

You can enter as much or as little information in a Card as you would like, but obviously, the way to get the most out of TestBoard, and your collaboration, is to fill in as much detail as possible. Each card is split into 5 sections: BRIEF, SCOPE,...

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