TestBoard Settings

You can access the Settings page from the main menu.  This page holds all the account-wide information for your project, including the Project name.

Changing the Project Name

If you are an administrator, you can change the Project name by amending what is in this box.  You will have to log out and back in again to see the change take effect.

If you are not an administrator, you can ask one to change the Project name.  You can find out who your account administrators are in the Users page.  They will have this icon next to their name .

Find full instructions on changing your Project Name here.

Data Flow

This is a way of recording (only once) what tools your Team uses, and where your data flows from and to.  You can either attach a visual representation, or a file with full details.

Other Project Settings

The Settings page also lists out the KPI’s, Categories and Data Sources used by your Project.  You use these in various stages in your Cards, selecting from a drop down list.  If you wish to amend what is in the list, you will do it here in the settings page by clicking on the “edit list” link under each section.  You can find out more about KPI’s, Categories and Data Sources and how to update the lists here: