What is your KPI list and how to update it

KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) are often used to measure the effectiveness of marketing campaigns.  But they can be hard to keep track of.

KPIs in a card

TestBoard allows you to measure the KPI of each individual question or hypothesis posed within your team.  It goes hand in hand with the desired outcome of investigating this question.  You will be able to select your KPI within the first Briefing stage of a Card.  Your Project will be pre-filled with some sample KPIs, but you can add / delete / amend this list at any time.  To select from the existing list, simply click on the dropdown and choose your KPI.

Updating KPIs in Settings

Updating KPI list

If you wish to amend your KPIs list, you can do so by going to SETTINGS in the main menu.  Under KPIs, click on “Edit List”.  You can add as many KPIs as you wish in the white box, clicking on “Add” for each one.  They will appear in the editable list underneath, but won’t update in the list to the left until you refresh the page.

You can also edit your KPI list if anything is incorrect.

If you go back to your Card, you will see that the KPI drop down has updated with your new KPIs.