Only Administrators can edit or delete users.  You can identify administrators of your account, by looking for this symbol in the Users page  TestBoard Administrator

If you are an administrator, you can edit your list of users by clicking on the link “ADMINISTRATOR: edit / delete users” above the users table in the users page.

You will be taken to a separate table of users with edit / delete functionality. You can delete users one at a time by clicking on “delete” link on the right, or you can select multiple users using the check boxes on the left, and then clicking on “Delete” in the top left of the table.  Be careful, as your users data cannot be retrieved once deleted.

If you wish to edit the details of any of your users, click on the “Edit” link on the correct line, and you will be able to edit their name, email and other details.  You cannot amend their star rating or their account status (which is either “Live” or “Invited”.)