If you wish to see the list of collaborators on your Project, click on Users in the main menu.  There, you will see the full list of people who have been invited to collaborate on this Project, along with their email address, account status, date they joined, the last time they logged in and their average rating (an averaged sum of their ratings across all assignments within your Cards).

Click here to find out how to invite a new user to TestBoard

If somebody has been invited, but has not yet accepted their invitation, you will see “invited by” and the name of the person who invited them.  You can re-invite them by clicking on this link.

TestBoard Administrator    This icon means that this user is an administrator of your account, and you can go to them with any questions you might have about your Project.  Only administrators can edit and delete other user’s accounts.

TestBoard user    This icon will be next to your own name, and if you click on this, you can change your personal account details, including first name, surname, email address and password.  You may need to log out and back in again after making account changes before they will take effect.