It tracks your analysis work, helping to manage your time:

  • Time spent on each card
  • Stage movements in cards; from Q/brief, all the way through.
  • Feedback from by co-workers & partners
  • Archives the completed cards & test results


The assistant tracks the work in desktop and online tools.
It recognises business questions & can suggest cards to add to the workflow.
[go thru the workflow slide looking to make the assistant helpful:]

  • “Is this a brief, scope, recommendation or test?”
  • “Please add the model url, github or similar”
  • “What is the visualisation URL?”
  • “What was the test result?”
  • “When would you like to re-run the test?”
  • do u want me to ask [Meg] to expand this Q into a brief – just a paragaph/full brief please?
  • do u want me to monitor [GA] for an uplift in [KPI named in brief]?
  • do u want me to ask [Jon Shotton] for feedback on the proposed test

How does it set up? Do you have to tell it all the tools u use?

Software for tracking analysis IBM TestBoardZendesk analysis tracker
Track your analysisTrello and TestBoard integrationvalue tracker
feedback trackerJira TestBoard integrationAnalysis tracker


We recognise that you may have your own preferred tools for each of these important functions, we can integrate with yours too! Results are the same regardless – it’s just to make it all easier for you. We integrate with a bunch of the tools that you probably use, to avoid you having to use too many discrete platforms.